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UCR's Chief Compliance Office oversees whistleblower investigations at UCR.  The Chief Compliance Officer is UCR's Locally Designated Official (LDO).  The Fact Finding Team conducts fair and thorough investigations of whistleblower reports and other matters.  

Whistleblower Policies Summary


If you suspect that a UC employee is engaged in Improper Governmental Activities (IGA), you may file a report under the UC Whistleblower Policy.  Reports may be filed with

the Ethicspoint Hotline

The hotline allows intake by phone or online.  Reports may be made anonymously.

Or you may make a report to:

  • UCR's Locally Designated Official (
  • your supervisor or other appropriate administrator or supervisor
  • Audit & Advisory Services, Human Resources, or the Academic Personnel Office. 

All reports are treated confidentially, with information being shared only on a need-to-know basis, and employees who file a good-faith report of an IGA (or certain health and safety concerns) are protected from retaliation. 


Zero Tolerance for Retaliation


UCR prohibits retaliation against anyone who files a whistleblower report or engages in other protected activity.  To learn more, read UCR's FAQs on retaliation

UC's Whistleblower Protection Policy is a grievance resolution process available to employees (and applicants for employment) who believe they have been retaliated against for making a Protected Disclosure or refusing to obey an Illegal Order. 

The Whistleblower Protection Policy has specific filing requirements.  All reports are carefully reviewed by the Locally Designated Official to determine whether they are eligible for processing under the Whistleblower Protection Policy, following the campus local implementing procedure

To learn more about the Whistleblower Protection Policy, read the FAQs provided by the UC Office of the President.  To file a complaint, complete the Retaliation Complaint Form

Reporting Help

Confused about where to make a report?  Looking for resources, or information about options?  Visit

an interactive reporting portal for students, staff, and others who want help exploring options or making reports.

Whistleblower Posters

For more information about the whistleblower process, you can find information on what to report, where to report, and how to report to UCR or the California State Auditor.


The UC Whistleblower Policies establish the role of the Investigations Workgroup (I-Group), which advises the LDO. UCR's I-Group is chaired by the LDO and members include representatives of: Student Affairs, Human Resources, Audit & Advisory Services, UCR Police, Academic Personnel Office, Risk Management, and Campus Counsel.