Reporting Obligations


Faculty and staff at UCR who receive certain types of information are required to share that information with other offices or entities, either by referring the matter, notifying the other office, or by making their own report.  This chart summarizes various reporting obligations, which arise under federal or state law or UC or campus policy.

Your Position & Matter Reported Required Action
If you are a manager, supervisor, faculty, UCPD officer, HR or AP administrator or Title IX professional, and you learn that anyone affiliated with UCR may have experienced conduct prohibited by the UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH Policy) or the UC Anti-Discrimination Policy Policy. then you must promptly contact UCR’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  Filing a report online is encouraged.
Unless you are a Confidential Resource (such as the Ombuds or a CARE advocate), if you learn that a student may have experienced Prohibited Conduct under the SVSH Policy, then you are required to promptly notify the Title IX Officer (who leads the Office of Civil Rights). Please complete the online report form or email
If you are a Campus Security Authority (CSA) and you become aware of a report or allegation that a Clery Act crime is alleged to have occurred on UCR’s Clery Act geography, report to UCPD. Please visit UCR’s Clery Act webpage for further guidance.
If you are a Mandated Reporter under CANRA and you become aware of actual, reported or suspected child abuse or neglect occurring on UCR’s campus or at an official UCR activity or program, then you are required to make a verbal external report to any of the following:
  • local law enforcement, child protective services, or county welfare departments; no later than 36 hours after the verbal report,
  • fill-out Form SS 8572 and submit it to the agency with whom a verbal report was made;
  • and (c) make an internal report (may be anonymous) to a supervisor or through the University Compliance Hotline at (800) 403-4744 or online.
If you receive or are aware of violence in the workplace, then any perceived violations of the policy are to be reported to the next-in-line supervisor or to an academic administrator. See Section V of the Violence Prevention in the UCR Community Policy.
If you are a manager or supervisor (including Department Chair or Dean) and you receive a report or complaint of Abusive Conduct

then you are to notify and consult with:

  1. Employee & Labor relations, if the complaint is about a staff member;
  2. the VPAR, if the complaint is about a Senate faculty member; or
  3. the Academic Personnel Office, if the complaint is about academic personnel (other than a Senate faculty member).
If you are manager or supervisor and receive a report or information that alleges and improper activity relating directly to UCR such as theft or misuses of University property; fraud; economic waste; gross misconduct, incompetence or inefficiency; or any condition that may significantly threaten the health or safety of employees or the public, 

then you must elevate it to the LDO by reporting online via the UC Hotline or email

When in doubt, refer the matter to the LDO so that it can be assessed. Visit UCR's whistleblower website for guidance.