Proposed Policies

This site is for policies and procedures posted for campus review and input.  Significant amendments to policies and procedures may also be posted for notice and comment. 


  • New UCR Proposed Policies or Procedures

    Major Events PolicyThis document is a revision to an existing campus-wide policy that establishes the processes for requesting and hosting major events on University Controlled Properties. Over the next 30 calendar days, members of the campus community are encouraged to review this updated policy and provide comments via email to . These comments will be reviewed by the Campus Policy Communications Group (CPCG) and proposed revisions forwarded to the policy owner.


    Assistive Animals Policy.  This policy is being proposed as a interim policy, which means it will be in effective immediately at the same time the campus collects comments and feedback from the community.  The policy governs the use and presence of service and support animals on campus.  Implementing changes are also made to the Pets on Campus Policy.

  • Proposed Presidential (UC) Policies or Procedures or Proposed Revisions

    Proposed Revision

    The Office of the President has proposed revisions to Personnel Policy for Staff Members (PPSM)-63:  Investigatory Leave. The proposed policy revisions are intended to clarify the university's investigatory leave process. Additional revisions include updating the investigatory leave actions list and providing language and references to intersecting university policies.

    Redline and clean copies of the proposed policy may be viewed at UCnet:

    Employees covered by this policy who wish to provide comments may send an email to by Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

  • Proposed Amendments to UCR Policies or Procedures

    There are currently no significant revisions or amendments to any UCR policies or procedures.