2022 Compliance Week Trivia

Compliance Week 2022 (November 6-12, 2022) is here!


In honor of this week, the UCR Chief Compliance Office (CCO) has created a Compliance Trivia to test your knowledge on ethics & compliance matters at UC Riverside and the University of California system.
Complete the trivia below for your chance to win a prize.


UCR Compliance Trivia

Question 1

The University of California’s Board of Regents has an official set of ethical values as well as standards of ethical conduct, which are foundation to the systemwide Ethics & Compliance Program. What are the four values noted in the UC Statement of Ethical Values? (Check all that apply)

Question 2

If you have a concern that an improper activity (such as fraud or a threat to health and safety) has taken place in your unit, you should report to any of the following: (Check all that apply)

Question 3

UCR has Principles of Community, that expand on the Ethical Values.  What are the three commitments made in the UCR Principles of Community? (Check all that apply)

Question 4
You are in charge of buying office supplies for your office. Your sibling sells office supplies. Buying from them would represent a potential ____________?  (Choose the best answer)

Question 5
Federal regulations outline 7 elements required of compliance programs.  Which item is NOT a required element of a compliance program?

Question 6
What are some potential barriers for people speaking up or blowing the whistle? (Check all that apply)

Question 7
The UC Office of the President includes an office with a direct reporting line to the UC Board of Regents Compliance and Audit Committee and provides direction, education, oversight for the presidential policy process, investigatory services, compliance areas, and auditing and monitoring services. This office is named:

Question 8
The UCR Chief Compliance Office (CCO) unit includes several offices. Which of the following is NOT part of the CCO?

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